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Daism Research Index

Amish (Yahoo)

Ananda Marga

The Apostolic Council of Melanchthon


Aum Supreme Truth:


AUM Shinrikyo/Shoko Asahara (Aleph)

AUM Shinrikyo

Aum Shinri-kyon:Alternative Views

coming to a subway near you...


Branch Davidians:


Branch Davidians (Yahoo)

The History of the Branch Davidians

The Massacre of the Branch Davidians

The Research Center


Waco - The Inside Story


Cathars, heretics and other burning issues


Christ's Church of Restitution


Abuse of Trust

Church of Christ Iglesia ni Cristo DECEPTIONS

Colonia Dignidad

Concerned Christians

Cult Information Centre

Cult Observer

Cults (Yahoo)

Cults & new Religious Movements: a Bibliography

Cults using coercive persuasion and mind control techniques

Dave's Cult Page

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary

Association of Former Members of the ESOM Homepage

Ex - Cult Archive


Fiat Lux


Uriella muß zahlen

Uriella sagt Entrückung an

Fraternitas Ordo Magi



Freemasonry - Yahoo

Internet Masonic Resources

A Page about Freemasonry

Vereinigte Großlogen von Deutschland

Germanische Glaubensgemeinschaft

Gurus - Good, Bad and Bogus

Hare Krishna Home Page

Contemporary Theological Trends in the Hare Krishna Movement: a Theology of Religions

Heimliches Wissen, Unheimliche Macht


Higher Source:


Art Bell - Heaven's Gate Suicide

Beam Me Up, Scotty

Hale Bopp UFO inspires mass suicide of Higher Source cult - their Heaven's Gate web site reveals unusual motives and timing

Heaven's Gate (Yahoo)

Heaven's Gate mass suicide in California

The Suicides in San Diego

Iglesia ni Cristo

Informationen zu Sekten (Inhaltsverzeichnis)

Informationsdienst Jugendsekten


Jehovah's Witnesses:


Infolink (Infodienst des Netzwerks ehemaliger Zeugen Jehovas in Deutschland)

Jehova's Witnesses (Yahoo)

Psychological and Recovery Issues related to Jehovah's Witnesses and other groups

Standhaft trotz Verfolgung

Watchtower Information Service

John Frum Cult

Killer Cults


Knights Templar (Tempelritter)


Catholic Encyclopedia: The Knights Templars

The Knights of the Temple

The Knights Templar

Knights of the Temple Main

Knight Templar Links

Temple Sites

The Story of Jacques DeMolay


The Lance, the Swastika, and the Merovingians

The Little Pebble

The Lord's Resistance Movement/Army (Uganda)

"breaking God's Commands": The Destruction of Childhood by the Lord's Resistance Army





Mennoniten Link Page

St. Michaelsvereinigung

Apokalyptische Botschaften des Himmels? (St. Michaelsvereinigung)


Reverend Mun:


Moonism / Unificationism - A threat to democracy and freedom

Neues von der Munbewegung

Mysterious Societies




Nazis and the Occult (Black Dahlia)

The Nazis and the Occult (book review)

Nazi Roots in the Occult

The New Religious Movements Homepage

Online Guide to the Major Cults



Opus Dei


Inside the secret world of Opus Dei

Opus Dei (official)

Opus Dei (The Unofficial Homepage)

Ordensgemeinschaften in Deutschland

The Order of Skulls and Bones


Ordo Templi Orientis


Baphomet Lodge OTO

O.T.O. (Yahoo)

The OTO-Phenomenon (Three Books by Peter-Robert König)

O.T.O. U.S. Grand Lodge: Home Page

Scarlet Woman Lodge




Friends of OSHO


The People's Temple


Jonestown Mass Suicide (Yahoo)

The People's Temple (Jim Jones)

Prieure de Sion

Process Church of the Final Judgement

THE PROCESS - Church of the Final Judgment

Psychology of Spiritual Sects, Religion, Prediction

Radhasoami Secret of Bea


Religions and 101 Cults

Religious Cults in twentieth century America

Religious Orders


Rosicrucian Orders:


Ordo Svmmvm Bonvm

Rosicrucian Fellowship Home Page

Sai Baba (Yahoo)





Satanic Ritual Abuse





Church of $cientology Watch Page

Deutsche Presseschau Scientology

Documents seized from Scientology

EFF - Church of Scientology Archive

Hubbard and the Occult

Information about the Church of Scientology

Lisa McPherson Trust

Operation CLAMBAKE - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

The Real Steven Fishman Homepage

Scientology (Yahoo)

Scientology (in deutsch/German)

Scientology and the Courts

Scientology im Internet

$cientology KILLS

Scientology Kritik

Scientology -- religion or not?

Scientology Unmasked

Scientology vs. the Net

Scientology's Secret Service

Secrets of Scientology

Was ist Scientology? Die Fabrikation der Mensch-Maschine im kybernetischen Lernlabor. (english version)

Secret Societies

Sekten - Ausbeuter der Gesellschaft


The Sikhism Home Page

SIMPOS (Foundation in The Netherlands for information on social problems and occult tendencies)

Soko Gakkai

Tempelritter (Templer) siehe Knights Templar




Channel 93

Diary of the Antichrist

Order of the Thelemic Golden Dawn

Thelema Home Page

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley Foundation

Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn

Revolutionaries - Aleister Crowley: The Great Beast 666

Yahoo: Aleister Crowley

Works of A. C. accessable on the Net


Theosophical Society:


The Blavatsky Foundation Home Page

Blavatsky Net

Home Page of the Theosophical Society

The Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society in America


Theosophy International

Theosophy Lodge Online

United Lodge of Theosophists

Die Thule-Gesellschaft. Nationalismus und Okkultismus.

Understanding Cult Mind Control

Universelles Leben

bbs - Bürger beobachten Sekten e. V.

Die Sekte in Michelrieth.

Stichwort: Universelles Leben

Vaishnava Mission - Bewegung für Krishna Bewußtsein


Verein zur Förderung der psychologischen Menschenkenntnis (VPM)



Senat Berlin zu VPM




Interactive Voodoo (Voodoo Museum)


Watchman Fellowship's 1997 Index of Cults



Die Münster-Täufer 1534-1535 (in German)

Die Wiedertäufer auf der Iburg

Worldwide Church of God

Exit & Support Network Recovery Page

You may be involved in a cult if . . .

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